Increasing Range Of Motion For Better Gains

Regardless of what you’re training for, without continual progression, your results will eventually taper & begin to plateau. If you want to see constant improvement in your physique & results, it’s important to challenge your body beyond what it’s currently used to doing.

For the majority of people, the first thing they think about when they think of progressive overload is increasing the amount of weight they’re lifting. While this is one way to get your body to respond & adapt, it’s important to understand that it’s definitely not the ONLY way.

While there’s tons of different training variables you can manipulate to force change, I’d like to address one that I think is highly overlooked by a good majority of  people, and that is our RANGE OF MOTION.

I’ve gotten to a point where before I ever try to increase the amount of weight I’m lifting on a particular exercise, I first focus on increasing my range of motion throughout that specific movement. Not only does it add an entirely new stimulus to your muscles, but will also help with improving flexibility & mobility, as well as relieve a lot of stress we tend to put on our joints & muscles by constantly stressing them with heavy loads.

When people are constantly focused on increasing the amount of weight they’re pushing, good form normally tends to take the back seat on their list of importance. I’ve seen this lead to tons of imbalances & injuries, which will often times just hinder your progress over the long term. Working on improving range of motion will require a much more controlled & focused approach to your workouts, which will usually result in better form and fewer injuries. During your next workout, before trying to increase your weight try to get a couple inches deeper on each exercise with good control. I promise you will notice a difference in how your body responds.

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