3 Ways You Can Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

Who has trouble sleeping? In the fast-paced, stimulant driven world we live in, it has become increasingly more common to find people who struggle to get good, quality sleep each night. Although the current trend is to work 24/7 and do anything possible to “power through” the exhaustion, you guys would be amazed at what a good nights rest can do for your body. Not only will this can’t stop, won’t stop mentality hinder your productivity (Ask anyone who’s been up the past 48 hours how clear headed and motivated to change the world they are), but it can also lead to a whole other list of problems for your body. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can lead to hormone imbalances, which will ultimately effect your bodies metabolism & ability to lose weight. It can also increase our cortisol levels which can lead to higher amounts of stress & anxiety during the day. 

It’s extremely important to prioritize sleep in our lives, and equally if not MORE important to focus on doing the things necessary to improve the quality of that sleep. Here’s a list of three things you can begin doing NOW to help improve your sleep quality, and thus improve almost every single other aspect of your life. 

Don’t go into the (blue) light!!! 

Blue light is the light that is emitted from our phones and other electronics. Now more than ever, we are constantly exposed to this light as the majority of our days consist of staring at our phones and computer screens.  More than other kinds of light, blue light can suppress our melatonin production and make it difficult for us to fall & stay asleep. Even though I’m probably the WORST at this, we would all benefit from shutting our electronics off at least an hour before bed.

No more double espresso’s before bed!

Caffeine has a half life of 5-6 hours for most people. This means that it takes almost 12 hours for the caffeine to completely move through your body! eliminating that caffeine & other stimulant intake before bed can definitely improve the quality of your sleep. If you’re someone who consumes massive amounts of caffeine each day, I would also recommend taking steps to slowly taper the amount you are consuming. Try replacing energy drinks and coffee with tea, and work to get your energy from the foods you eat. You may not see the light now, but I can promise you that a diet rich with vegetables and whole foods will do more for your energy than any caffeine infused drink that you consume. 

Get yourself on a schedule 

 Our bodies are very efficient at adapting and getting into a rhythm. Allowing your body to get on a regular sleep schedule is probably one of the best things you can do to improve overall sleep quality. It will begin to regulate melatonin & serotonin production, and make it much easier to fall asleep & wake up when you’re supposed to. I personally notice a HUGE difference when I’m going to bed and waking up at the same time each night. After a certain point my body will actually begin waking up before my alarm clock even goes off! (It’s honestly pretty crazy when that happens)

We are constantly bombarded with ways to get energized and “turn on”, however there is little discussion about effective ways to “turn off” and relax. Many people fail to see the value of sleep, but I can promise you that is does serve a purpose. Try out these three methods and I guarantee you’ll sleep better, have less stress, be more productive, and have more overall energy throughout the day.

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